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My Citadel Online Casinos

Top My Citadel Online Casinos

The following top online casinos use My Citadel as a form of payment on their sites:

Rushmore Online Casino: The lucrative $888 welcome bonus is a good enough reason to try one’s luck at Rushmore online casino. However, players can also look out for this site’s excellent suite of games off the Real Time Gaming platform, its selection of classic games, a fair, transparent gaming environment and the highest level of customer support available in the industry.

Euro Grand Online Casino

32 Vegas Online Casino

English Harbour Online Casino

About My Citadel

My Citadel is part of Citadel Commerce, a global company that offers payment processing solutions and a subsidiary of the Entertainment Systems Inc. group. My Citadel Wallet is an e-wallet with a multi lingual and multi currency e-money system that allows players to pay for their fun at My Citadel online casinos in a simple and secure manner.

Why Use My Citadel?

These are just several of reasons for players to pick My Citadel as a reliable payment method for their gaming experience:

  • Free Set Up: It costs nothing to set up an account with My Citadel and this is an excellent advantage to players who want to save their money for more important things – like online gaming! In addition, setting up an account is done in a few simple steps, giving players a quick and instant solution to their online payment needs.
  • Secure: My Citadel takes its security measures very seriously. Players’ information is kept private at all times and information is encrypted using the best technology in the business.
  • Easy Payment Methods: All players need to do in order to play at My Citadel online casinos is add funds to their e-wallet account and then transfer the money to the site of their choice easily and instantly. My Citadel Express Pay allows the transfer of funds free of charge to most online merchants.
  • Global Access: Being a truly international company, My Citadel allows players from all over the world to access their favorite online casinos. It offers flexible and multiple payment options, as well as 24/7 free multi lingual customer support in English, French, German, Turkish and Spanish. In addition, My Citadel allows players to pay in a wide variety of currency options, including American and Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and others, making paying (and playing!) at My Citadel online casinos a true pleasure.

Opening a MyCitadel account is fast and easy. You simply go to the website and fill out the necessary account information and fund your account. You can choose several methods listed on the website to easily transfer your money into your account so it is ready for you to use at any of the top-rated online casinos listed on our pages that accept MyCitadel. Once you have established your MyCitadel account all you have to do is provide your username and code to any online casino you choose that accepts MyCitadel as a deposit method and your money is transferred into your player account instantly! No waiting, no hassle, no worries about bank restrictions, just fast easy access to your funds when you are ready to play your favorite games. Check out MyCitadel today and make playing the games you love fun and hassle free.