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Casino Welcome Bonuses

The attraction to Online Casinos - The Promotions!

What draws you into a normal store? Most probably, you will say great promotions, promises of excellent produce and sale prices.  While online casinos are not brick-and-mortar establishments, they are businesses in every sense of the word and therefore need to take steps to draw customers into their ‘stores’.  The idea is that once gamblers have funded an account in order to take advantage of the bonuses, many of them will stay.

Welcome bonuses are usually offered to draw gamblers to a particular site and the intention is to make an excellent first impression.  Welcome bonuses, therefore, tend to be extremely generous.  Some gamblers might even be put off by the sheer generosity of these promotions and possibly ‘smell a rat’.  In most cases, however, these bonuses are genuine.  Remember that online casinos do not have the overhead costs that traditional casinos have and therefore can afford to – and prefer to - give away money to first time gamblers in the form of bonuses.

So how do welcome bonuses work?  In a nutshell, an online casino will guarantee to match a player’s first deposit into a new account, up to a certain percentage, as long as the player commits to a minimum deposit amount.  So, for example, Club USA Casino give players a 125% bonus on a minimum first time deposit of $80 when they use the bonus code CASINOB, meaning that players will find themselves with an additional $100 in their accounts.

Obviously, welcome bonuses – as with any type of bonuses – come with specific terms and conditions.  Each online casino will have its specific conditions attached to every bonus and it is extremely important that players read up on these requirements before deciding to take up the offer of a bonus.  Some welcome bonuses, for example, require that players first make an initial deposit of a certain amount and then play a specific amount of hands within the bonus period in order to get half of the bonus.  If they play another specified number of hands – also within the bonus period – they will get the other half.  At some online casinos, players can see how many hands they have played by checking the menu tab and choosing the appropriate link.  Most bonus periods range between a month and two months, but it is important to make absolutely sure by reading the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Gamblers might be tempted to take advantage of casino welcome bonuses by opening up accounts at the same online casino under different names.  This is called abusing the system and players should be warned that if they are caught doing this, they can be kicked off the site and be blacklisted at other sites.  Online casinos are very strict about their ‘one welcome bonus per player’ rule and will only allow players to hold one real money account.   Most sites stress that if players have received welcome bonuses from them already, the offer becomes null and void.   Sites make sure that players do not abuse the system by insisting that a household cannot hold more than one account at their site, even if there is more than one computer at the address.

In conclusion, welcome bonuses are a super way to be introduced to the wonderful world of online gambling.  The trick, however, is to make sure that you get the maximum benefit out of these bonuses by reading the small print and applying the bonuses to your own personal gambling lifestyle and bankroll.