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Types of Casino Bonus Offers


You’ve probably established by now that one of the greatest perks of online gambling is the fact that you are offered a multitude of bonuses to choose from.  But while this is a great thing per se, the fact is that making that choice can be somewhat confusing and bewildering, especially if you have not done your homework regarding the types of bonuses available out there.  We’ve summarized just a few of the more popular bonus types to help you in your decision:

No-Deposit Bonuses

As incredible as this sounds, some online casinos will actually give you bonuses – ie. free money – without the need to deposit anything into your account.  You might be sceptical regarding the very generosity of this type of bonus but bear in mind that online casinos will do practically anything to get you to try their wares and the no-deposit bonus is a classic example of this.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses – as their name implies – means that online casino sites offer you a particularly lucrative welcome offer if you decide to visit their site and fund your account for the first time.  Also known as first time bonuses, these offers are usually the best deals that you will get from an online casino and it is really worth taking them up if the site looks good to you.  The online casino offers to match your initial deposit by a certain percentage if your deposit meets their minimum requirement.  So, for example, if you are required to deposit at least $50 and the site promises to match that amount by 100%, you can find yourself with $100 to gamble with before you even start.  That is what we call good value for money!

Monthly Bonuses

Online casinos obviously want to encourage existing gamblers who hold accounts at their sites to keep reloading these accounts.  As an incentive, these sites offer monthly (also called reloading) bonuses whereby players are rewarded with a certain matched percentage every time their account is reloaded. Monthly bonuses are popular throughout the gambling world, but particularly in the poker industry.  The amount is usually 10-20% of the player’s next deposit and can be especially useful at sites where gamblers are happy with the software and intend playing there anyway.

High Roller Bonuses

High rolling gamblers are not only limited to the traditional gambling industry. Many high rollers spend thousands of dollars each month at online casinos and it is only natural that these sites do everything in their power to keep the players happy.  High roller bonuses, therefore, are offered to players who spend large amounts of money at online gambling sites in the form of especially large matching amounts.  Of course, there is a minimum amount that high rollers need to deposit in order to benefit from these bonuses.


The online gambling industry is highly competitive and over 2500 sites out there are vying for customers to spend their money on their software.  Bonuses are a great way for these sites to draw clients and an even better way for players to get a taste of what is on offer, while also enjoying some free cash in the process.