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Online Bonus Restrictions


Because of the virtual nature of online casinos, it is sometimes difficult to remember that they are actually real businesses in every sense of the word.  It is therefore only fair that these businesses make a profit.  So while bonuses are a great way to play at these sites and earn extra cash at the same time, online casinos are not going to give away ‘something for nothing’.  As tempting as bonuses seem, remember too that many of them come with restrictions.  It is up to the gambler to read the small print and see if these special terms and conditions suit him or her. 

Types of Restrictions Connected to Online Bonuses

Sticky Bonuses:

Online casinos realized that in order to protect themselves from the phenomenon of players abusing their sites by having players register for the bonus and then withdraw the money, they would have to take necessary steps to prevent this from happening.  As a result, in today’s gambling world, players will find that most welcome bonuses come with ‘sticky’ conditions.  In a nutshell, this means that a bonus will stick to the player’s account until the amount is lost in play.  The amount cannot be withdrawn from the account and if the player attempts to withdraw it, the bonus is automatically lost.

Gambling Requirements:

Almost all bonuses have certain requirements attached to them, not least of all the amount of money that a players needs to spend in order to benefit from the bonus.  Many times, players rush to sign up for a great 200% welcome bonus, only to find that they need to play for at least $1000 before they can apply the bonus.  Players may find that they need to spend at least 20 times the joint amount of the bonus and initial deposit in order to benefit from the bonus.

Geographic Restrictions:

Some online casinos restrict nationals from certain countries from applying for the bonus.  This is in response to a rise in abuse of the system from specific geographical locations.  It is thus up to the player to ensure that no restrictions apply to his or her country before signing up for the bonus.

Game Requirements:

Because some gambling games have lower odds than others, it stands to reason that online casinos will want to keep these games out of the bonus offers.  Some of the more popular games that are restricted from bonuses include sic bo, roulette, baccarat and craps.  Players are also sometimes restricted from playing blackjack with their bonuses.  Another kind of restriction is to limit bonuses to one game type only, such as slots.


It stands to reason that most of us read the small print carefully when dealing with monetary transactions.  Although online gambling is virtual in nature, there is still no reason not to make sure that you are aware of all the conditions and restrictions that apply to all kinds of bonuses found at these sites.  By ensuring that you know every last detail about the bonus that you are after, you won’t be in for any unpleasant surprises and your gambling experience will be worry-free and enjoyable.